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  • We put great ideas in motion. Our 30+ year track record and our client
    partnerships keep customers coming back again and again.

    Is our work broadcast quality? Does it include commercials, Educational documentaries, PSA’s, Corporate videos, Video webcasts and Social media clips?

    Yes, Ozark Film and Video Productions has produced thousands of quality productions for many Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small businesses!

    What about Training programs, Music videos, Syndicated TV series, Translations, Original & custom music scoring, Live special event productions, Drone aerials and Stock footage?

    And, is our work award winning?

    YES, to all of these and many more. If you have questions of your own please contact us.

  • about us

    Our location is in the center of Northwest Arkansas "America's MainStreet" which allows us to supply the area with the best on-location and post-production equipment and crews.
    But, we have worked in every corner of the USA and several location in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

    At our studio and server location we offer live webcasting, a Ultimatte green hard cyclorama area, Adobe creative suite, numerous edit suites and workstations connected with Avid Interplay(R) and Media MX. These systems are networked to our ProTools HD recording studio for original, custom music composition and audio-for-video post production.

    Hailing from the northeast and being a New York Yankee fan, Franklin met Bill McFetridge in 1978 while working at a television station in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They’ve worked together for nearly 38 years. Franklin is now operations/production manager for OF&VP. He’s also a music collector with thousands of CD's and vinyl albums dating from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Franklin still gets together with the “Red Barn Ramblers,” a group of seasoned musicians. They only meet a couple of times a year, but it’s enough for him to blow off the cobwebs on his old harmonica.

    "Photography and music….It doesn’t get much better than that."


    Doug brings experience and genuine customer service to the plate each day. He’s always looking for ways to improve our post capabilities. He’s our most experienced editor and is also an Audio Engineer who’s recorded and mastered a lot of terrific music. Doug is a graduate and past instructor at Full Sail University, as well as a gifted musician with a few recordings of his own.
    His dedication to his work and our customers usually makes him the last person out the door each day. He has a Yoda-shaped coffee mug, so, obviously, the Force is with him.

    Click on album cover to hear cut 3
    "The History of Doomed Expeditions, Volume 1"
    by Storm the Castel!
    as written and performed by,
    Thomas Stewart Atkinson-Guitars
    Joel Wilson Bunch-Bass
    Amjad Saleh Mohammad Tawfig Eid Saleh Al-Faur-Drums
    Du8-Hollerin'& Git Fiddle

    Tom McFetridge has literally grown up with the company. He does a little bit of everything – shooting, editing, and scoring music. He’s also an accomplished musician and audio engineer. From 2006 to 2008, he produced and co-wrote all the music for a nationally syndicated children’s television program.

    Tom, along with acoustical expert Darren Novotny, designed our High Definition Pro Tools audio postproduction and recording studio. .

    Here is Tom performing in the group

    "Army of Birds"

    with Chris and David Shelby,
    Gentry Collier.

    Kathy is the company's treasurer, and helps with operations and financial management. She has a degree in Business Administration, and has worked as a Pharmacy Technician. She’s also Bill's better half and the mother of two boys, so, obviously, she’s heard it all. Kathy’s concern for people and the community is her passion, and is exemplified by her 24 years of service on the Springdale School Board. She’s also a past President of the Arkansas State School Board Association and the State PTA. Caring about others and working hard to make a great education available for all kids in Arkansas will be her legacy to the people of Northwest Arkansas, Springdale and us at OF&VP. Oh, and, by the way, we appreciate the paychecks!


    Damen is our youngest DP. His love of cameras is evident as soon as you work with him. Damen enjoys experimenting with lenses, lighting, and the tons of different support gear we have here at Ozark.
    We call him “The Slider.” His focus is always on doing his best. A graduate of Full Sail University, Damen, like all of us, is learning on the job and, at the same time, helping keep our ideas and production work new, exciting, and fresh.

    Kristin brings a fresh approach to Ozark, having developed innovative skills as an editor and overall graphics designer. You always hear laughter coming from wherever she is in the building. Her positive attitude and excitement about learning new techniques is contagious. Kristin loves a challenge and enjoys surprising our clients with unique, inventive, and creative postproduction treatments.


    As president and founder of Ozark Film & Video, Bill McFetridge has over 35 years of experience shooting film and video, with credits that include filming exteriors for CBS’s “Evening Shade”, directing the television pilot “Life of Riley,” and directing a racing series for ESPN, as well as the currently running children’s show “What’s Up, Que Pasa?”
    Bill is a Minnesota native who broke into television broadcasting as an on-air reporter in the 1970s. After doing news broadcasts, he worked his way into producing and directing. In 1983, he founded Ozark Film and Video, convinced there was a need for independent film and video production in the region. Turns out, he was right.
    Bill was a rock drummer many moons ago. And, during the last several years, he may have even appeared on open mike night at a comedy club or two, but you didn’t read that here.
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    With all the tools experienced operators and crafts persons OF&VP handle all your media service needs.

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